Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Good bye to summer

The leaves are turning
Yes that's it for summer. I go back to school tomorrow and for me that is the end of summer. September brings autumn and is I have to say one of my favourite months.

I am a little sad to see summer slip quietly away but there are many things to look forward to.

We have the village Rushbearing at the weekend and I have a workshop on the 11th with Diane from Heart shaped at Hope and Elvis.
Not many dahlias from the garden this year
We have a wedding in East Haddon, Northamptonshire on the 17th which means a nice weekend at a B&B and a catch up with old friends.
September sunrise 2010
There is always some spectacular sunrises and stunning sunsets at this time of year too.
September sunset 2010
 I was determined my last day of freedom would be spent doing some sewing.

Lucy wanted to help

It is actually a birthday present for my friends daughter, her birthday was in March (she said in a whisper!) but wanted something handmade and was willing to wait...poor girl!

Anyway she is into the whole VW campervan thing so I did a bit of research on the Internet.

It's going to be a cushion for her room.

But right now I'm off to watch Village SOS and Who do you think you are.
Night Night Bloggers!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A walk with Emily

The weather said 'sunny intervals/white cloud'
Which was good enough for us to decide to go for a walk, we took our waterproof coats as a walk across the moors can be a bit windy even if it wasn't going to rain.
We parked the car and started off up the track.
The heather is at it's best at the moment.

It was a bit of an uphill path so I had to have lots of 'photo stops!'

The 'white cloud' started to turn grey!

So the title of this post might give you a clue as to where we were heading

We were on our way to Top Withens, a ruined farmhouse on Stanbury Moor.
But as you can see there is about another mile and a half to go.

The first tree we come to is the ruin of Lower Withens.

The climb gets a bit steeper here and we see a sign for Top Withens and Bronte Falls, the Brontes are very popular in Japan and the signs are also in Japanese.


and then we arrived.
I found a great website here all about the book.

But as we did the rain.

And we had to turn back only half way through our intended circular walk.

Seconds after this above photo was taken the heavens opened!

and we made a dash back down the hill
As we got nearer to the car though, the ground was dry!
as tempting as it was we didn't call in the pub in Stanbury called-

I am sure Emily would approve of giving shelter to folk!
I don't think these doors have been painted since the Bontes passed by!
We can be sure Emily and her sisters walked or took the carriage through Stanbury from their home in Haworth.
The Manor House, Stanbury
They were often visitors at Ponden Hall a little further up the lane (we were suppose to walk past it on our walk!)

But our walk had come to a wet end and we went home for a coffee and to change our clothes.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

good things

So we in England, Northern Ireland and Wales have a Bank Holiday tomorrow, another day off work for Hubby(I of course am still off work so he keeps telling me!)
I am loving the way the late afternoon sun comes through the patio doors and lights up the sitting room.
Some rock from Morecambe on a tea towel from Jersey.

A lovely ceramic fish we bought in Dinan.
French Goodies
The little pig you see above is a magic salt pig!
edited-Magic Salt Pig as explained to us in Broken English by the nice man at the Pottery Museum is as follows. A hollow pig, the hole in bottom about 1.5 cm across but this is a tube that goes quite narrow inside the pig. Put salt in the hole and it fills up the pig. To get the salt out you have to shake the pig and salt comes out through the hole-like MAGIC!!! ok so it's a salt cellar, but he took so much trouble and diagrams to explain it we had to buy it!

and these were the sardines I bought in Dinan, I don't eat sardines but Hubby does.....and so does Lucy!

We bought them in a shop...that sells just sardines!
I had a bit of a creative moment when we got back from France. An idea formed while we walked around some craft shops and I bought some tiny wooden spoons as pressies. When we got back to the gite I wondered how I could make them a bit more interesting so while we were at Mont St Michel I bought some sea salt in the supermarket.
back home I found some little fabric gift bags, filled them with sea salt and attached the spoons and a little label, voila!

When we were in France, we noticed lots of remnants of old advertising painted on the sides of buildings,
when we got home I notice we had some here in West Yorkshire

and of course the French cakes.....

......well we can do cakes!!!
just before I leave I would like to draw your attention to this post by Diane at Heartshaped.
all about her time travel back to the 80's
I said I would try and find a photo of me in the 80's I didn't want to trawl through all my albums....yes I have hundreds!
But there happened to be one scanned into the computer from one my mum had.
so Diane just for you.....
Very Human league don't you think?

Friday, 26 August 2011

A bit of this and...

....A bit of that.

Hello again, Thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my previous post about Morecambe. I recommend a lovely day trip there or even a weekend at the Midland.

What I didn't tell you in the post was what a sorry state the hotel was in by 2004.
2004 Photo from Anne's site here.
It's golden Age was 1933 to the outbreak of the Second World War. It was a Military Hospital during the war then handed back to the LMS Railway in 1946.
It changed hands in 1951, 1976 and 2001 and finally closed in 2002.

The empty hotel was vandalised and left to decay but in 2003 the Manchester based Urban Splash bought the hotel and embarked on an 11 million pounds restoration. Seven and a half years after it closed as a hotel and five and a half years after Urban Splash bought it, the Hotel was once again open for business.

If you are interested in the history in more detail there is a great book called The Midland Hotel, Morecambe's White Hope by Barry Guise and Pam Brook is a great read.

On Wednesday evening Hubby and I went to The Heights Pub in Saddleworth. An old haunt of ours, and a favourite place to unwind especially in the winter (if you can get up the hill in the snow) when Sheila lights a real fire in each of the cosy rooms.

Sparky the cat came to see us.
Then I went to see my mum yesterday and we went to a lovely little Italian for lunch.
and right next door to the restaurant is a little petting zoo, free to walk around.

The piggies were very entertaining!

Then we went to look around the Bluebell Cottage Gardens and Nursery.

Sue writes a blog here.

And as you can see the bees were being very busy.

Their 'Grasses with Grace' won Gold at the RHS Tatton Flower Show this year.
She has some chickens in the garden too.
end of the day
And so ends another perfect day.......such a shame I have to go back to work!